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Alumni Updates

March 2016

MIDP 2014

Janina Cuevas Zuniga is now advisor to the Undersecretary of the Mexican Ministry of Education. She is based in Mexico City.

MIDP 2012

Emilia Chiscop-Head is now Program Coordinator for the Duke Initiative for Science and Society.

MIDP 2012

Agon Maliqi is now Creator and Co-founding Editor at Sbunker blog.

MIDP 2010

Leandro Ragone​ currently works with the Argentine Ministry of Foreign Affairs and will begin working for the Argentine consulate in Miami this summer.

MIDP 2010

Jeremiah Sackie traveled to the US in January as part of the Liberian delegation to the International Monetary Fund on an assessment mission.

MIDP 2009

Katia Dantas recently welcomed a baby girl, Maya Mello Dantas.

MIDP 2008

Hitoshi Aoyagi is now Manager at PricewaterhouseCoopers Co., Ltd.

MIDP 2008

Tetsuya Morita and his wife Izumi Okumura recently welcomed a baby girl named Ayumi.

MIDP 2002

Fu-Tien Hsu is now Senior Executive Officer at the Department of Commerce in Taiwan.

MIDP 2000

Bekhbat Sodnom is now a Board Member at Ulaanbaatar City Development Corporation.