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Alumni Profiles

Katherine Marshall Kissoon, MIDP 2004

Kissoon served as Deputy Chief of Party for the Guyana Threshold Country Plan, a Millennium Challenge Account/USAID project, where she developed a results framework for projects, providing technical supervision and ensuring compliance with USAID requirements. After the plan’s conclusion, she began working as an independent consultant, recently coordinating the development of an entire national health strategy for Guyana.

Steve Solon, MIDP 2005

Having spent six years in public office, 2005 MIDP alumnus Steve Solon understands that you can’t go it alone when it comes to international development. In May, Solon was elected governor of the Philippines’ southern province of Sarangani. In his previous role as vice governor, he was responsible for building relationships between the government, private businesses and nonprofits to find long-term solutions to issues such as medical access and the preservation of natural resources.

Amar Nath, MIDP 2009

Nath, 2009 graduate of the MIDP program, was selected as first CEO of the Delhi Urban Shelter Improvement Board (DUSIB) in July 2011. The Legislative Assembly of Delhi created the board in July 2010 to provide basic services and housing options for slum dwellers in India's capital city.

Aleksi Aleksishvili, MIDP 2004

Aleksishvili, 2004 graduate of the MIDP program, is using the skills he learned at Duke University and as Georgia's Minister of Finance to help developing countries streamline processes and improve financial management. As CEO and Chairman of Policy and Management Consulting Group, he works with countries such as Mongolia, Mozambique and Afghanistan to create an environment that is favorable for business development.

Muhsin Atci, MIDP 2014

Months before people from all over the world descend on Washington, D.C., for the annual Cherry Blossom festival, a different group of worldly individuals travel to the nation’s capital from Duke University. Every January, first and second-year fellows in the MIDP program go to Washington to attend presentations and learn from a variety of nonprofit, government and financial agencies. This trip offers them the chance to meet with MIDP graduates, network and learn about potential internships.

Rafe Mazer, MIDP 2009

As Financial Sector Specialist with the Consultative Group to Assist the Poor (CGAP) within the World Bank, Mazer (MIDP 2009) studies human behavior to help governments develop financial products and policies that are relevant for low-income populations.