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Dr. Sergio M. Alcocer Martinez de Castro, Undersecretary for North American Affairs at the Secretariat of Foreign Relations, Mexico, addressed faculty and students on Monday, Oct. 27 to discuss growing opportunities for the US, Mexico and Canada.


Unlike many of his colleagues, who were experiencing Duke University and the United States for the first time, Khamis Mwalim was revisiting the place to which he attributes his professional growth. Mwalim, a Manager for the Tanzania Revenue Authority and a 2011 MIDP-ITP graduate, returned to...


On Monday Sept. 29, Professor Catherine Adcock Admay hosted a small gathering between Robert Walker, a professor of Social Policy at the University of Oxford and an adviser to the UN Special Rapporteur on Extreme Poverty, and 10 MIDP fellows.


For the second time this year, the Duke Center for International Development at the Sanford School of Public Policy organized a discussion of a book in the news. This time it was William Easterly's "The Tyranny of Experts". The panel kicking off the discussion consisted of Professors Sarah ...