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Abhishek Jain MIDP'17 presented his paper at the 6th International Conference on Interdisciplinary Social Science Studies at Harvard Medical School April 24-26. The topic of his paper was “Inclusive and Sustainable Economic Development: A Success Model from Himachal Pradesh State in India.”


Experts on education and entrepreneurship from Duke University, RTI International and other organizations gathered last Friday, April 7, to discuss the most significant barriers to youth employment and what is being done to break the cycle of poverty and inequality worldwide. The talk was part...


What went wrong with the international financial architecture leading up to the global crisis of 2008, and what is being done today to prevent a similar crisis in the future? Economist Anthony Elson spoke about the institutions and systems charged with preventing and managing financial crises...


Sean Knierim MIDP’08, CEO of Estabrook Investors and founder of consulting company SidePorch, said during his Rethinking Development Policy talk that organizations are more effective when they step out of their comfort zones, network with others who are not in their traditional space, and...