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The Master of International Development Policy program has partnered with Fundación Guatefuturo and the Open Society Foundations to provide funding to outstanding applicants to the graduate program.


Innovation is everywhere, but how does it “get inside” us? I come from a family of doctors, computer scientists, chemists and bankers. Innovation and entrepreneurship have always sounded interesting, but not something for me.


For the last 17 years managing a master’s program in international development, I have seen bright, driven, passionate people put their graduate education on hold because of a lack of funding. These applicants were no less impressive than others who were winning scholarships and attending the...


Gonzalo Pertile MIDP’17 and his company were selected for the Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative (YLAI), launched by President Barack Obama last year to empower entrepreneurs from Latin America and the Caribbean who are transforming their societies and contributing to human development....