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Deo Dhakal, senior fellow at DCID, is working on a project in Malawi with USAID to evaluate cost-effective ways of controlling aflatoxins, which have devastating effects on health and the economy in sub-Saharan Africa.


Rajiv Jalota MIDP'05, currently sales tax commissioner for the Government of Maharashtra in India, returned to Duke this year to watch his daughter, Suhani, graduate with a degree in economics and global health. Both are dedicating their careers to advancing social and economic development in...


The first program focused on designing decentralization strategies for sustainable development, while the second aimed to strengthen public policy, service delivery and negotiation capacity for officials in Bangladesh's Ministry of Public Administration.


The book, Military Missions in Democratic Latin America by David Pion-Berlin, examines through case studies how Latin American militaries can contribute productively to non-traditional missions of internal security, disaster relief and social programs.