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Odette Rouvet MIDP’18 is one of five Duke students working with Dr. Christine Folch to develop policy recommendations on how to best harness Itaipú Dam and future renewable energy projects to build sustainable development for Paraguay.


Over a two-day workshop held April 26-27, senior level health officials from Cuba met with DCID faculty, staff and students, along with representatives from Advance Access & Delivery (AA&D), the Indiana Recovery Alliance, UNC-Chapel Hill and Harvard University to discuss potential future...


The Sanford Latin American and Caribbean Group (LAC) hosted a workshop on Friday, April 21, on conflict-sensitive urban development in the region. Speakers included Monica Ayala, research coordinator for homicide reduction strategies with México Evalúa; Jota Samper, assistant professor of...


Abhishek Jain MIDP'17 presented his paper at the 6th International Conference on Interdisciplinary Social Science Studies at Harvard Medical School April 24-26. The topic of his paper was “Inclusive and Sustainable Economic Development: A Success Model from Himachal Pradesh State in India.”