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Fifty-four government officials from Bangladesh graduated Saturday, May 27, from a two-week program on public policy, service delivery and negotiations. The program was offered in partnership with the Bangladesh Ministry of Public Administration (MOPA).


DCID signed a memorandum of understanding with the Indonesia Endowment Fund for Education (LPDP), a public service unit under the country’s Ministry of Finance. The agreement allows Indonesian students who have been awarded a scholarship under the Indonesia Education Scholarship program to...


In an article published in The Lancet on May 18, Gavin Yamey, professor of the practice of global health at Duke University, offers suggestions for providing needed financing for efforts to prevent global pandemics, including human and animal surveillance, development of vaccines, and the...


Odette Rouvet MIDP’18 is one of five Duke students working with Dr. Christine Folch to develop policy recommendations on how to best harness Itaipú Dam and future renewable energy projects to build sustainable development for Paraguay.