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Rotary Capstone Workshop

Single Course

SISS Course Name
Course Name
PUBPOL 790.11
Rotary Capstone Workshop
Francis Lethem, Catherine Admay
F 1:40PM - 4:20PM

This workshop has two objectives: 1) Exploring with the Fellows their future leadership potential in the field of Peace and Conflict Prevention and Resolution. This will involve team simulation of a real life ethical case, preparation of a reflective individual leadership paper, and discussion of a peace alum’s experience reintegrating into the labor force in his country upon graduation from the program. 2) Preparation for the Rotary Conference on April 1, 2017. To that intent, in a mutually supportive spirit, fellows will present the diagnosis and initial conclusions of their Master’s project/thesis and receive the suggestions of their peers and the Faculty. In principle, UNC Fellows will make their presentations in late February/ early March and Duke Fellows in mid-March so as to have enough time to refine their public presentation on April 1.

YEAR: 2017