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Project Management for International Development

Single Course

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Course Name
PUBPOL 790.03
Project Management for International Development
Frank Webb
W 4:40PM - 7:10PM

A significant proportion of international development assistance is offered in the form of complex projects that are characterized in part by their uniqueness and by the need for predetermined results to be delivered over a finite period within severe constraints. The management of such projects is challenging and quite different from the management of repetitive day-to-day operations. To succeed in delivering on expectations, projects must begin with an understanding of the context followed by thorough planning with real local participation, careful design using a robust framework, and realistic estimations of time and costs. In this seminar we will first take a high-level view of the project life cycle, understanding the value of well-structured project management processes in planning the project, scheduling project activities, creating the right project team and achieving successful implementation within the constraints of scope, time, cost and quality. Taking a closer look, we will explore in some detail three of the most important phases of the project life cycle—project identification, project design and implementation planning—before inviting guest faculty from FHI 360 and BDO to illustrate the tools and management practices used to meet the challenges of project start-up, project control, risk management and successful project close-out. The guest faculty will also illustrate how project management is operationalized at progressive levels of a complex international non-profit organization—the project manager; the portfolio manager overseeing 10 project managers; and the COO with responsibility for global, or enterprise portfolio management including 400 or more projects. Finally, we will consider the role of the project manager in building, managing and leading a winning project team.

YEAR: 2017