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MIDP Courses


This is not an exhaustive list of course options. Please consult with your academic adviser.

Number Course Name Instructor Meets Semester Year
PUBPOL 790.013 credits Impact Evaluation for Development Sandeep Bhattacharya Tu/Th 1:25PM-2:40PM Spring 2016
PUBPOL 789.041 credits Indigenous Issues, Human Rights, and Development Rosemary Fernholz M/W (3/21-4/18) 11:45AM-1PM Spring 2016
PUBPOL 789.031 credits Leadership and Development Phyllis Pomerantz F (1/22, 1/29, 2/5, 2/12) 10:05AM-1:55PM Spring 2016
PUBPOL 789.021 credits Strategic Management of Policy Change Frank Webb F (3/25, 4/1, 4/8, 4/15) 10:05AM-1:55PM Spring 2016
PUBPOL 789.011 credits Gender and Development Sudhir Shetty F (2/19, 2/26, 3/3) 10:05AM-1:55PM Spring 2016
PUBPOL 778.013 credits Fiscal Decentralization and Local Government Finance Roy Kelly M/W 10:05AM-11:20AM Spring 2016
PUBPOL 772.013 credits Comparative Tax Administration Gangadhar P. Shukla, Graham Glenday Th 3:03PM-5:55PM Spring 2016
PUBPOL 771.013 credits Comparative Tax Policy Gangadhar P. Shukla, Graham Glenday Tu 3:05PM-5:55PM Spring 2016
PUBPOL 764.013 credits Governance and Development - Selected Topics Phyllis Pomerantz M/W 1:15PM-2:40PM Spring 2016
PUBPOL 760.013 credits Development, Security and Violence Natalia Mirovitskaya M 4:40PM-7:10PM Spring 2016