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MIDP Courses


This is not an exhaustive list of course options. Please consult with your academic adviser.

Number Course Name Instructor Meets Semester Year
PUBPOL 700S.013 credits Policy Analysis for Development Mirovitskaya, Natalia TuTh 11:45AM - 1:00PM Fall 2014
PUBPOL 606.013 credits Macroeconomic Policy Krupp, Corinne TuTh 11:45AM - 1:00PM Fall 2014
PUBPOL 5983 credits Economic Growth and Development Fernholz, Fernando TuTh 11:45AM - 1:00PM Fall 2014
PUBPOL 596.013 credits Evaluation of Public Expenditures Conrad, Robert MW 3:05PM - 4:20PM Fall 2014
PUBPOL 576.01 Resource and Environmental Economics I Bennear, Lori TuTh 10:05AM - 11:20AM Fall 2014
PUBPOL 515S.013 credits Assisting Development Krishna, Anirudh M 3:05PM - 6:35PM Fall 2014
PUBPOL 790.051 credits Master's Mini Project Lethem, Francis; Mirovitskaya, Natalia; Fernholz, Rosemary F 3:05PM - 5:35PM Spring 2014
PUBPOL 705.012 credits Master's Project in International Development Policy Lethem, Francis TBA Spring 2014