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MIDP Courses


This is not an exhaustive list of course options. Please consult with your academic adviser.

Number Course Name Instructor Meets Semester Year
PUBPOL 789.021 credits Financing Public Health Expenditure Hemming, Richard F 10:05AM - 1:55PM Fall 2015
PUBPOL 789.011 credits Comparative Economic Development Elson, Anthony F 10:05AM - 1:55PM Fall 2015
PUBPOL 779.012 credits Sales and Value-Added Tax Law Barnes, Peter; Glenday, Graham; Shukla, G.P. Tu 3:05PM - 5:10PM Fall 2015
PUBPOL 776.013 credits Public Budgeting and Financial Administration Glenday, Graham; Shukla, G.P.; Kelly, Roy TuTh 10:05AM - 11:20AM Fall 2015
PUBPOL 770.013 credits Public Finance in Developing and Emerging Economies Glenday, Graham; Shukla, G.P.; Bhattacharya, Sandeep MW 1:25PM - 2:40PM Fall 2015
PUBPOL 761.013 credits Human Rights and Conflict Admay, Catherine MW 11:45AM - 1:00PM Fall 2015
PUBPOL 741.0013 credits Empirical Analysis for Economic Development Bhattacharya, Sandeep MW 4:40PM - 5:55PM Fall 2015
PUBPOL 724.013 credits Politics of International Aid in Low-Income Countries Pomerantz, Phyllis TuTh 10:05AM - 11:20AM Fall 2015
PUBPOL 723.013 credits Poverty Reduction and International Financial Institutions Pomerantz, Phyllis TuTh 1:25PM - 2:40PM Fall 2015
PUBPOL 721S.012 credits Institutional Design for Environmental Management and Sustainable Development Lethem, Francis MW 3:05PM - 4:20PM Fall 2015