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MIDP Courses


This is not an exhaustive list of course options. Please consult with your academic adviser.

Number Course Name Instructor Meets Semester Year
PUBPOL 712.011 credits Public Policy Presentation Practicum Dean Storelli TH (2/18, 2/25, 3/3, 3/10, 3/17) 8:30AM-9:45AM Spring 2016
PUBPOL 705.012 credits Master's Project Francis Lethem Spring 2016
PUBPOL 702.013 credits Applied Development Economics Staff M/W 10:05AM-11:20AM Spring 2016
PUBPOL 590s.203 credits Legal Analysis for Development Governance Catherine Admay Tu 8:45AM-11:15AM Spring 2016
PUBPOL 590S.163 credits Strategic Storytelling: Narratives of Development Catherine Admay Tu/Th 1:25PM-2:40PM Spring 2016
PUBPOL 790.053 credits Science, Technology and Development Policy Cross, Jason MW 1:25PM - 2:40PM Fall 2015
PUBPOL 790.022 credits Intro to Peace and Conflict Resolution Cross, Jason F 1:25PM - 4:20PM Fall 2015
PUBPOL 790.011 credits Rotary Cornerstone Workshop Lethem, Francis F 1:25PM - 4:20PM Fall 2015
PUBPOL 789.051 credits Leveraging Information and Communications Technology (ICT) for Development: Motivations, Successes and Challenges Auffret, Jean-Pierre F 10:05AM - 1:55PM Fall 2015
PUBPOL 789.031 credits Promoting Accountability of International Agencies for Better Development Admay, Catherine F 10:05AM - 1:55PM Fall 2015