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Master of International Development Policy

The Master of International Development Policy (MIDP) is a unique interdisciplinary program dedicated to the training of mid-career professionals who plan to dedicate their careers to policy-making and public service in and for developing and transition countries.


The mission of the Master of International Development Policy program is to provide top-quality, personalized education in international development policy and to make contributions to international social, political and economic development. Participants self-design their course of study, selecting from MIDP core seminars, elective courses from MIDP and departments across Duke University, and courses at other nearby universities. Should you attend the program, you will become part of a network of MIDP alumni in more than 65 countries, working with international development agencies, in the private sector, or as government and NGO leaders, each contributing in a significant way to the field of sustainable international development.

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DCID offers two optional specializations within the Master of International Development Policy program.  You must apply for these specializations during the application process.

International Taxation Program

Public Financial Management

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