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Policy Advising


Tax System Performance Evaluation

People Involved: Graham Glenday, Gangadhar P. Shukla
Location: South Africa
Topics: Taxation

Faculty reviewed and provided advice to South Africa's Ministry of Finance in 2008 on the overall performance of the tax system as well as a new minerals tax policy.

Property Tax Reform

People Involved: Roy Kelly, H. Rubino Sugana
Location: Indonesia
Topics: Taxation

Faculty supported Indonesia's Ministry of Finance in its central-level tax administration reform and in the devolution of the property tax to district level governments in 2009. Work was funded through the World Bank and Asian Development Bank, respectively.

Fiscal Decentralization Policy

People Involved: Roy Kelly
Location: Tanzania
Topics: Fiscal Decentralization, Budgeting

Under a two-year contract with the Government of Tanzania, faculty provided a resident finance advisor to the Prime Minister's Office and the Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs in 2009 to improve the intergovernmental fiscal transfer system, enhance local revenue mobilization and strengthen local financial management.

Local Government Revenue Mobilization

People Involved: Fernando R. Fernholz, H. Rubino Sugana
Location: Indonesia
Topics: Project appraisal

Faculty analyzed the legal, institutional, and organizational issues needed for increased local government revenue mobilization in East Sumba Regency in Indonesia in 2009 with funding support from World Vision Canada.